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MARCDAWN is a concept that is all about that next trip; the idea of traveling to that new destination, experience new cultures and meet new people. Our collection has been greatly inspired by the Mediterranean summer. From the iconic Amalfi coast, to the luxurious French Riviera, to the lively Barceloneta beach.
Who doesn't love summer? So why limit yourself just to the mediterranean summer months? From the classic Italian aperitivo to sipping fresh 'buko' on the Filipino tropical beaches, our MARCDAWN pieces suit all kind of occasions. Elegant, yet comfortable. Our linen pieces will always keep you fresh.
"breathable. long-lasting. eco-friendly"
Designed to freshen up your summer, each MARCDAWN piece has been carefully created with 100% pure linen, a high-quality, plant-base, eco-conscious fibre. For us, sustainability is not only about the materials used to create a product, but it also lies within its design. We focus on timeless design and try to minimise trends in our products. This ensures that our collection is made to last and for many summers to come. 
We hope you'll love your MARCDAWN pieces as mush as we loved creating them!
Much love,
Marco and Dawn